I am entirely new to blogging, but I’m a veteran at being a vegetarian.  I decided to become a vegetarian 20 years ago under the influence of a babysitter that continually reminded me that when I was eating meat I was eating animal muscle.  I originally responded, as many meat eaters do, with “I don’t care, it’s delicious.” But after a few years of thinking too hard about me being an animal eating the muscles of fellow animals, I started to dislike the taste and texture of meat.

I am not a vegetarian for health reasons, and I don’t think it’s a choice everyone should make. When I have children, I do not plan on raising them as vegetarians. While my husband loves the way I cook, he is a carnivore and will cook meat for our children a couple of times a week (I would add that he is also an excellent cook).

I love food.  I love my vegetarian food more than eating out most places (except anything by Rick Bayless.  I have a man-crush on him.)  To be honest, I’m starting this blog because TOO MANY vegetarian recipes are intentionally healthy–and thus sometimes are lacking in flavor.  This is my attempt to share and create recipes that even carnivores devour with delight.

I am not a trained chef.  And I am not a writer or a photographer.  But I am a vegetarian who loves food.  I spend my days watching cooking shows regardless of whether or not what they are preparing is something that directly relates to what I can cook.  And I love to eat more than anything else.  Except maybe sleep.  That’s pretty baller too.

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Photo Credit: Fangting R Photography