There’s a pizza place in New York called Artichoke Basille’s Pizza.  Their signature pizza is their Artichoke Pie: Artichoke Hearts, Spinach, Cream Sauce, Mozzarella and Pecorino Romano Cheese, and it’s delicious.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had the pleasure of having this pizza, but I did my best to recreate it at home.  I served the pizza with baked breaded mushrooms.  I love mushrooms.


I started by making this pizza dough recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/pizza-dough-237338

It seems to be nothing special.  I’d like to do a little exploring with pizza doughs one day.  If I were making this recipe again, I think I’d add a full teaspoon of salt.  I used my stand mixer with the bread hook when it said to use a “processor.”  My husband was kind enough to roll the dough out for me while I worked on the mushrooms.


This recipe makes kind of a huge amount of sauce.  But I did use more than half of it on my pizza.  You can either make a half recipe, or save the leftovers for a second pizza, to serve on pasta, or for some other wonderful creation.

  • 1/2 an Onion, diced
  • 4 Cloves of Garlic, minced
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • 2 Tablespoons Flour
  • 2 Cups of Milk, warmed to room temperature
  • 1 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 1 Bunch of Spinach: destemmed, washed, dried and chopped
  • 8 oz Neufchâtel Cheese
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


PRO TIP (from an amateur):  Use a bowl to collect refuse so you don’t have to worry about where your waste bin is, and to keep your cooking area clean.

Heat olive oil in a skillet, and sauté onion until soft, about five minutes, adding salt and pepper to taste.  Add garlic and sauté until fragrant, about another minute.  Place in a bowl and set aside.  Quickly wipe out the pan with a paper towel so any leftover bits won’t be burnt while you make your roux.

Heat butter in the pan.  Once melted, slowly add the flour, and stir constantly for about two minutes.  The mixture will thicken as the flour cooks and removes the chalky flavor.  Once bubbly and thick, mix the onion and garlic back in, and cook for another two minutes.


Slowly add the milk, constantly stirring until all of the milk is added.  Try to resist adding the milk too quickly, this will produce a more lumpy sauce.  The process may take four to six minutes.  Add the parmesan cheese and stir to incorporate.  Add the spinach a handful at a time, and mix in until it wilts.  Add the neufchâtel and mix to incorporate.

spinach sauce.jpg

Taste, and adjust salt or pepper.




  • Pizza Dough
  • Corn Meal
  • Garlic Spinach Cream Sauce
  • 1 12 oz Jar of Quartered Artichoke Hearts, chopped to desired size (I just cut them in half)
  • 2 Cups of Shredded Mozzarella
  • Red Pepper Flakes to Taste

Roll out the pizza dough.  Sprinkle corn meal on your baking sheet, and transfer your dough to the baking sheet.  Using a ladle or large spoon, spread as much of the Garlic Cream Sauce on the dough as you like.  I used three to four ladles of sauce for mine (but you may have a smaller pizza if you like a thicker crust).  Fold the edges of the dough up and over the edge of the sauce just a little to create a nice pizza edge.  Chop the artichoke hearts a little, and sprinkle them over the pizza.

pizza ready for oven.jpg

Top with mozzarella cheese, and a liberal sprinkling of red pepper flakes.  Bake at 400 degrees for 16 to 20 minutes.  Use a spatula to lift up a corner of the pizza to check the bottom for done-ness.  Next time I will brush the edge of the crust with oil or butter so it will become the golden brown we like to see.

cooked pizza.jpg




  • 16 oz Small Button Mushrooms
  • 2 Large Eggs, lightly beaten with a teaspoon of water
  • 1/3 Cup Finely Ground Almonds
  • 1/3 Cup Parmesan Cheese
  • 1/3 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs
  • 1 Teaspoon Cumin
  • 1 Teaspoon Paprika
  • 1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Onion Powder
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Pepper
  • 1 Teaspoon Dried Parsley
  • Cooking Spray

Wipe the mushrooms clean (or give them a quick rinse in water with a splash of lemon juice–since they’re going to bake anyways), and if the mushrooms are a bit large, cut them 1/2″ to 3/4″ pieces.  Mix together the ground almonds, parmesan, bread crumbs, cumin, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and dried parsley.  Dip the mushrooms in the egg mixture, and then roll them in the breading mixture.  Place on a greased cookie sheet.  Spray liberally with cooking spray.  Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.  Flip and bake for an additional 10 minutes.

crunchy mushrooms.jpg




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